When people try to make a positive change in their life they will probably use a mixture of techniques. Some of these may include willpower, affirmations, self help books to name but a few. Some of these may be successful to a point but over the long term it can be very easy to slip back into old habit patterns.


You may have even felt that feeling when you want to change, in which it feels like there is a part of you that does and a part that doesn’t.


Which part usually wins?


For many the part that normally comes out on top is the part which doesn’t want to change.


But why is this?


There are two parts of your mind that work in totally different ways. First you have your conscious mind which is rational and would like to make change. Then you have the unconscious mind which doesn’t see things in rational sense, it just does things.


The best way to describe your unconscious mind is get you to think of it very much like a filing cabinet. Then when you do something your unconscious mind goes into this filing cabinet and pulls out that specific file. It then follows the instructions which are contained in this file and it doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative.


When you try to make a change at the conscious level the unconscious mind will not understand what you want because it will not match the information contained in the files, hence the reason why you may feel that interval conflict.


Now one of the reasons why self hypnosis is an effective tool for change is because it allows you to change the instructions contained in those files. It is basically a way to remove internal conflict so you can have the positive change you desire.


And the best part about self hypnosis is it is really easy to do. It doesn’t take weeks and weeks of trial and error. It really is something that you can learn to do with just a few simple steps.


I’ve been teaching my clients at my hypnosis practice the exact same self hypnosis process you will find in this course and still amazes me what things are possible with this effective tool of change.


So what change do you want in your life?


If you are serious about this, then this course will provide you the tools to bring about this positive change.


So how bad do you want it?


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