Free Hypnosis Sessions

Free Hypnosis Sessions

This website provides a wide selection of live recorded hypnosis sessions. These free hypnosis sessions are recorded live in order to give you the experience that you have visited my office for a private hypnotherapy session. 

For those of you that would like the convenience of listening to any of these sessions on mp3 well now you can because all the sessions on this site are now available for you to download.

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Anger Hypnosis Sessions

Control Your Anger

Stop Road Rage

Anger Management

Anxiety Hypnosis Sessions

Social Anxiety

Anxiety No More

Inner Calm

Driving Anxiety

Driving Test Anxiety

Noise Anxiety

Overcome Anxiety

Overcome OCD

Overcome Test Anxiety

Pregnancy Anxiety

Stop Panic Attacks

Stop Worrying

Confidence Hypnosis Sessions

You are Confident

Confidence on Demand

Dating with Confidence


Stop Blushing

Saying No Confidently

Depression Hypnosis Sessions

Be a Positive Person

Feel Happy

Positive Mindset

Positive Thinking

Enjoy Life

Habits Hypnosis Sessions

Be in Control of Alcohol

Quit Caffeine

Stop Binge Drinking

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Stop Eating Chocolate

Stop Gambling

Stop Hair Pulling

Stop Nail Biting

Stop Skin Picking

Stop Using Cocaine

Stop Teeth Grinding

Improvement Hypnosis Sessions

You Are Successful

Attracting Wealth

Increase Motivation

Creating Change

Improved Posture

Interview Confidence

Memory Improvement

Public Speaking


Stop Fussy Eating

Trust Your Partner

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Pain Hypnosis Sessions

Ease Away Pain

Pain Control

Phobia Hypnosis Sessions

Overcoming Claustrophobia


Dental Phobia

Fear of Dogs

Fear of Flying

Fear of Heights

Fear of Needles

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Water

Phobia Free

Shy Bladder Syndrome

Relaxation Hypnosis Sessions

Mindfulness & Relaxation

Ultimate Relaxation

Full Body Relaxation

Self-Esteem Hypnosis Sessions

Self Esteem Booster

I Like Myself


Sexual Hypnosis Sessions

Increased Sexual Libido

Overcome Impotence

Confident Sex For Women

Premature Ejaculation

Sleep Hypnosis Sessions

Deep Sleep (Short Session)

Sleep Deeply (Long Session)

Overcome Insomnia

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Wake Up Refreshed

Smoking Hypnosis Sessions

Quit the E-Cigarette

Stop Smoking Weed

Stop Smoking

Sport Hypnosis Sessions

Golf Confidence

Body Building

Play to Win

Stress Hypnosis Sessions

Ease Away Stress

Eczema Relief

IBS Relief

Stress Management

Weight Hypnosis Sessions

Rapid Weight Loss

Stick to Your Diet

Exercise Motivation

Lose Weight Easily

Weight Loss

Quit Sugar

Stop Comfort Eating

Stop Eating Chocolate

Stop Snacking

Stop Snacking at Night

Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Secrets

Diet Motivation