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Custom Hypnosis Session

Visit our dedicated website Custom Hypnosis Sessions and let our expert hypnotherapist Gary Maddison create for you a custom hypnosis recording.

Book Your Custom Hypnosis Session
With Our Expert Hypnotherapist Today

Book Your Custom Hypnosis Session With Our Expert Hypnotherapist Today

I get many messages from people each week wishing they could visit my hypnosis practice for a private one to one session but unfortunately for most this isn’t possible.

But what if it was?

I’m pleased to announce that I can now bring my office to you. Well not all of it but the most important part, me, my voice and my expertise of successfully being able to help people.

You’ve probably come across my website because of the hypnosis sessions that I have posted on YouTube. So if you stay with me for the few minutes I will explain how you can have a private one to one session with me.

Now one of the advantages of coming into my office is the fact that you can tell me exactly what positive change you want in your life and the benefits of having this. I would then use this information during a hypnosis session to give you a personalized hypnosis experience.

You would also receive a recording of this session, which you can listen to on a regular basis in order to reinforce the positive change. And it is this personal approach and live recorded session that I would love to give to you.

The sessions that I already have on YouTube are effective, but they are very generic. Most of the suggestions that I give you will cover your specific issue, however there may be suggestions that may not mean anything to you.

So if you let me know exactly what you want and the benefits of having this positive change in your life I’ll then able to use this information to then record you a bespoke hypnosis session.

I will then send this session to you and only you. This session will be recorded in a confidentially manner and will not be sent to anybody else.

This session will be for your ears only.

Now another benefit of coming into my office for a private one to one session is that I would also teach you self hypnosis.

So if you take advantage of this amazing offer of having a personalized hypnosis session recorded I will also send you my self-hypnosis course. This course teaches you the exact same method I would teach you if you had visited my office for a private session.